Resources & Contact Information

Ontario Association for Suicide Prevention


Distress Centre Wellington/Dufferin
1-888-821-3760 519-821-3760

Mental Health Crisis Services
1-877-822-0140 519-821-0140

Canada Suicide & Crisis Hotlines

Crisis Councilors National Hotline 1-800-448-3000

TTY National Hotline 1-800-448-1833

Suicide Grief Support Counselling

Hospice Wellington 519-836-3921

Norma Owen Families Grieve Together Program
Contact: Erin McInnis 519-836-3921

Bullying Prevention – 1-800-668-6868

Canadian Centre for Child Protection – 1-800-532-9135

Warning Signs of Suicide

This tool known as “ IS PATH WARM “ was developed by the American Association of Suicidology to remember the warning signs of suicide.

I – Ideation (suicidal thoughts)
S – Substance Abuse
P – Purposelessness
A – Anxiety
T – Trapped
H – Hopelessness/Helplessness
W – Withdrawal
A – Anger
R – Recklessness
M – Mood changes

Other signs that may indicate someone being at risk of suicide are:
• Direct or indirect verbal expressions (I don’t want to live anymore, people would be better off without me)
• Dramatic mood changes
• Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
• Agitation
• Increase in drug and/or alcohol use
• Risk taking behavior
• Aggressive, impulsive and/or violent acts
• Expressions of hopelessness or helplessness
• Lack of self- care or outright neglect of self
• Changes in sleeping and eating patterns
• Withdrawal form family, friends and interests
• Giving away prize possessions and/or making a will
• Reconnecting with old friends and extended family as if to say goodbye
• Previously unresolved or recent suicide attempts